Announcing StrinGnosis® 4.0

Release Date: March 2024

The Blade Technology development team have been hard at work adding new features to StrinGnosis® here are some of the latest updates:

  • Steam Production Thermal Load Case Introduced, with rearranged Steam Injection inputs for improved logic.
  • Cement Densities Integrated Into Annular Contents dropdown for post-installation loads, excluding tubing strings.
  • WCD Collapse Level 1 Load Case Alert Explains trapped annulus conditions.
  • Default Gas/Mud Unmixed Load Set to gas over mud.
  • Float and Dock Functionality StrinGnosis Online users can float and dock modules.
  • Tellus OCTG Upgraded For external pressure and total curvature input, enhancing outputs and load chart plotting.
  • Improved Grade Input Window With plotted deration curves for linear temperature deration.
  • View as Chart Grid Now supports decimal axis range inputs.
  • Starred Loads Feature Added To the Stress Calculator for grouped load runs.
  • New Unit Conversion Feature For Enthalpy and updated Report Generator libraries.

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  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Blade Energy Partners
  • Created as a vehicle to develop and market commercial grade software solutions from Blade Energy’s IP and innovative solutions
  • A complete software development team comprised of architect, developers, programmers and external consultants
  • Works closely with Blade Energy to identify new developments or novel solutions that can be developed into commercial software solutions
  • Blade Tech continues to add new, advanced tools spanning the spectrum of upstream energy to our portfolio


  • StrinGnosis®: Advanced Tubular Design and Wellbore Thermal Analysis, Blade Tech’s marquee tool which includes Limit State Design and RBD
  • Dent Analyzer™: Strain Based Dent Analysis tool for pipeline integrity management based on ASME B31.8 Appendix R and improved strain equation for pipeline industry
  • Crack Analyzer™: Crack assessment tool for pipeline integrity management based on API 579 and BS 7910 for pipeline industry
  • StringNexus: Connection selection tool based on ISO 13679 / API 5C5 tested envelopes
  • StringTracker™: Tubular torque and drag application with comprehensive fatigue estimation
  • UBD Pie: Probabilistic productivity improvement factor estimating tool for UBD screening
  • eRes UBD: Ultrafine-grid reservoir simulation tool for near wellbore analysis and reservoir characterization
  • eDams: Core calibrated dynamic reservoir damage modeling tool