Announcing StrinGnosis® 4.0

Release Date: March 2024

The Blade Technology development team have been hard at work adding new features to StrinGnosis® here are some of the latest updates:

  • Steam Production Thermal Load Case Introduced, with rearranged Steam Injection inputs for improved logic.
  • Cement Densities Integrated Into Annular Contents dropdown for post-installation loads, excluding tubing strings.
  • WCD Collapse Level 1 Load Case Alert Explains trapped annulus conditions.
  • Default Gas/Mud Unmixed Load Set to gas over mud.
  • Float and Dock Functionality StrinGnosis Online users can float and dock modules.
  • Tellus OCTG Upgraded For external pressure and total curvature input, enhancing outputs and load chart plotting.
  • Improved Grade Input Window With plotted deration curves for linear temperature deration.
  • View as Chart Grid Now supports decimal axis range inputs.
  • Starred Loads Feature Added To the Stress Calculator for grouped load runs.
  • New Unit Conversion Feature For Enthalpy and updated Report Generator libraries.

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Tellus OCTG

Blade Technology Corporation, LLC Tools

Tellus OCTG is an app to determine the performance properties of oilfield tubulars (OCTG) as specified in the historical API 5C3 standard. It provides

  • API MIYP (Burst),
  • API Collapse with Tension adjustment, and
  • Pipe Body Yield Strength (PBYS),

of casing and tubing, and considers effect of temperature on yield strength.

The app includes an inventory of commonly used oilfield pipes, and custom sizes can be defined by the user.

For more advanced properties, casing design, and thermal analysis, please visit


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  • Created as a vehicle to develop and market commercial grade software solutions from Blade Energy’s IP and innovative solutions
  • A complete software development team comprised of architect, developers, programmers and external consultants
  • Works closely with Blade Energy to identify new developments or novel solutions that can be developed into commercial software solutions
  • Blade Tech continues to add new, advanced tools spanning the spectrum of upstream energy to our portfolio


  • StrinGnosis®: Advanced Tubular Design and Wellbore Thermal Analysis, Blade Tech’s marquee tool which includes Limit State Design and RBD
  • Dent Analyzer™: Strain Based Dent Analysis tool for pipeline integrity management based on ASME B31.8 Appendix R and improved strain equation for pipeline industry
  • Crack Analyzer™: Crack assessment tool for pipeline integrity management based on API 579 and BS 7910 for pipeline industry
  • StringNexus: Connection selection tool based on ISO 13679 / API 5C5 tested envelopes
  • StringTracker™: Tubular torque and drag application with comprehensive fatigue estimation
  • UBD Pie: Probabilistic productivity improvement factor estimating tool for UBD screening
  • eRes UBD: Ultrafine-grid reservoir simulation tool for near wellbore analysis and reservoir characterization
  • eDams: Core calibrated dynamic reservoir damage modeling tool