About Us


Since its creation in 2000, Blade has collaborated on a wide variety of multidisciplinary engineering, research and development, and operational projects in several sectors of the oil, gas and geothermal industries.

Blade is made up of over 80 engineers, scientists, and project managers. Sixty percent of our staff possess advanced degrees and of those, 20 percent hold doctoral degrees in applied science or engineering. Blade engineers and scientists are highly experienced, with, on average, over 10 years in the industry, having served with major operating or service companies.

Today we deliver innovative technical solutions to a variety of operators including Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Total and several others across the globe. As a rule, Blade engineers have a track record of creative problem-solving in upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. We have completed more than 1,000 projects since inception.

Our strength lies in taking on difficult, intractable problems and providing innovative solutions to them.