The Gas in the Riser Subcommittee of the IADC UBO&MPD Committee has reached a significant milestone with the release of the “Riser Gas Handling Guidelines.” These guidelines, available for purchase through the IADC Bookstore, are now included as a stand-alone chapter in the IADC Drilling Manual, 12th Edition Revised. Specifically designed for deepwater rigs using surface back-pressure Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) or installed riser gas handling systems,the guidelines offer practical solutions to manage gas in the riser safely and efficiently. With the implementation of MPD/RGH equipment, operators gain better control over riser pressure, mitigating the risks associated with gas in the riser events and enhancingenvironmental protection.

Blade Energy Partners’ very own Oscar Gabaldon and others in the Gas in the Riser Subcommittee, forming experienced drilling engineers, offshore professionals, and research teams, invested years of dedicated effort in developing these comprehensive guidelines.They aim to equip the deepwater drilling industry with essential tools and knowledge to effectively handle gas in the riser, thus elevating operational standards and enhancing safety. The subcommittee actively encourages feedback and collaboration from thedrilling community to facilitate ongoing improvement in riser gas handling practices. By embracing these guidelines, IADC member companies can promote operational efficiency, protect the environment, and prioritize the well-beingof personnel involved in deepwater drilling.

Link to the IADC newsletter announcementhttps://www.iadc.org/drillbits/introducing-iadcs-riser-gas-handling-guidelines-for-enhancing-safety-and-efficiency-in-deepwater-operations/


Link to the IADC bookstore site: https://store.iadc.org/product/riser-gas-handling-guidelines-rg-stand-alone-chapter-of-the-iadc-drilling-manual-12th-edition-revised