OCT 3, 2023 – OCT 4, 2023
Grand Hyatt Denver, Denver, Colorado,

Join Blade Energy Partners at the 2023 IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling and Underbalanced Operations Conference & Exhibition on Wednesday, 4 October 2023, for the presentation of the following papers with our engineers:

Riser Gas Handling from Theory to Practice: Incorporating Principles to Operational Procedures: Romar A Gonzalez Luis, Thiago Silva, Oscar Gabaldon, Gustavo Puerto, Fabian Torres, Jorge Bedoya, Blade Energy Partners (SPE 215880)
The presentation discusses RGH procedure based on previous project experiences and recommendations/guideline currently under development by the sub-committee. It will also differentiate between what should be considered RGH, and what should be considerate dynamic influx management, and define the boundaries between both processes. It presents an example procedure under the following premises as main indicators to identify and differentiate the gas in the riser, for example a) high concentration of gas in the mud was detected in the shakers, b) gas units and LEL setting level, c) Undetected influx producing gas expansion in the riser increasing flow out. The presentation includes a brief discussion on the theory involved, preparation required, responsibilities and it will provide an example procedure and process flow diagram.

Is Handling Gas in the Riser a Safe Alternative? Exploring the Limits and Opportunities for Safer Kick Handling During Deepwater Drilling: Oscar Gabaldon, Drilling Technologies Development Manager, Romar Gonzalez Luis, Pedro Sousa, Blade Energy Partners, Gavin Humphreys, Stena Drilling, Mario Teixeira, Equinor (SPE 215879)
The presentation will describe three different approaches for proposed methods for circulating influxes from the well, both larger than IME limits during MPD operations, for smaller than IME limits for non-MPD operations, and for larger than IME limits for non-MPD operations. Considerations for calculation of RGH Envelope are included, as well as guidelines for risk assessment.

Evolution of Deepwater MPD: Have We Achieved Maturity? What’s There to Improve? – Lessons Learned from Worldwide Applications: Romar A Gonzalez Luis, Technology Development Engineer & Operations, Fabian Torres, Oscar Gabaldon, Jorge Bedoya, Gustavo Puerto, Blade Energy Partners
The presentation discusses different topics and its current maturity level based on key indicators. Authors discuss, evaluate and compare applications worldwide divided by the topic of interest, and the lessons learned and areas of improvement. Some of the topics to be discussed are the following: MPD variants: SBP MPD, CML, DGMCD, PMCD; Kick/loss detection systems limitations and dynamic influx management; Modeling and real-time data analysis (data acquisition, analysis, and events detection); Equipment integration, deployment, and performance; Execution and performance: DPPT/DLOT, PRVs philosophy, riser gas handling, and specialized procedures (MPC, tripping, coring); Training (current gaps with recommended practices, simulator, and real-time training).


For more information please visit: IADC/SPE Managed Pressure Drilling & Underbalanced Operations Conference & Exhibition – IADC.org