Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) – Dallas Section 2023 Engineer of the Year: Oscar Gabaldon

Blade Energy Partners is proud to announce that our very own Oscar Gabaldon has been awarded with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) – Dallas Section 2023 Engineer of the Year!

Oscar is being recognized for expanding the technical knowledge base of the SPE community, publishing six technical papers with topics ranging from casing and cementing to drilling fluids and materials since 2020. Warmest congratulations on your achievement! We are so thrilled that you have won this honor and wanted to take a moment to recognize you for such an amazing accomplishment. Keep up the magnificent work!

Oscar’s Biography:

Oscar Gabaldon is the Drilling Technologies Development Manager at Blade Energy Partners. After leading Blade’s global Operations Group for eight years, Oscar is now tasked with linking the developments from the engineering group with the day-to-day operations, integrating operations into Blade’s R&D program, as well as overseeing Blade’s advanced training programs.

After earning an Agronomical Engineering degree from Universidad Central de Venezuela, Oscar started his career in the oil and gas industry over 25 years ago with M-I Drilling Fluids and then with Weatherford, mainly in Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling projects. With Blade, Oscar has led research, development, planning, and implementation of non-conventional drilling technologies in cutting-edge projects in land and deep water with a focus on MPD and Well Design optimization and has recently been involved in geothermal and CCUS projects. Over the past 14 years, Oscar has taught more than 65 UBD and MPD design and operations classes, contributing to advancing the career development of over 800 O&G professionals.
Oscar has authored and co-authored multiple industry papers, recently with an emphasis on MPD, well control, and well design, and is a technical peer reviewer for journal publications for SPE. He has served continuously since 2009 in the IADC UBO&MPD Committee, including Chairing the Committee twice in the past. During this time, Oscar has contributed to shaping industry best practices, including API RP92U, API RP92M, and API RP92S, and currently leading the development of Riser Gas Handling Guidelines. Oscar holds two US patents for technology improvement designs for optimizing non-conventional drilling techniques in deep water.

Oscar now lives in Frisco and is just about to celebrate his 24th wedding anniversary with his wife Dulce. They have two wonderful kids, Joaquin (21) and Marcela (18), who enjoy family outdoor outings with a preference for beach trips and playing lots of board games. When he is not working, Oscar enjoys cooking and woodworking at home, and taking on ambitious (according to Dulce) construction projects.

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