Blade Energy Partners Oscar Gabaldon has been integral to our role in developing the industry-changing Influx Management Envelope (IME). Working alongside others, Blade enhanced Dynamic Influx Management safety by shifting away from an arbitrarily chosen volume to an engineered solution in the IME.

DIM and the IME

Dynamic Influx Management with Surface Back Pressure Managed Pressure Drilling operations has become a widely used technique for safely and efficiently circulating influxes through the primary barrier. The implementation of this technique is currently presented in the RP API 92 M, and there are multiple publications available regarding the principles, benefits, and considerations, among those:

SPE 194537: Influx Management Envelope: Limits Redefinition and Parametric Sensitivity Analysis based on Data and Lessons Learned from Offshore Applications.

SPE 200514: Managed Pressure Drilling Influx Management: a Comprehensive Analysis of IME, MPD Operations Matrix, Dynamic Kick Tolerance Concepts, and Parameter Sensitivity.

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