Underground Gas Storage

Blade's multidisciplinary experience and expertise bring a unique perspective to underground gas storage projects. Blade can provide solutions and support for:

  • Reservoir analytics – reservoir modeling and integrity, flow test design and analysis, thermal modelling
  • Geology – structural and stratigraphic interpretation, data validation and correlation, cross-discipline integration
  • Well design – tubulars design and optimization, connection evaluation and selection, completion design, materials selection, drilling, completion and workover program development, wellsite operations

  • Failure analysis – analysis of downhole tubulars or equipment failure, root cause analysis
  • Corrosion assessment – data collection planning and data analysis, corrosion modeling, risk assessment and mitigation
  • Wellbore Integrity Management – data analysis and risk assessment, casing integrity log interpretation, integrity plan development, design and implementation, regulatory compliance, auditing
  • Pipeline Integrity