Subsurface Services

Blade Energy Partners is a full-spectrum, independent petroleum consultancy that can conduct studies spanning Geophysics, Petrophysics, Geology, Geo-modeling, Reservoir Engineering, Simulation, Facilities Design, Process Engineering, and Economic Evaluation. Our philosophy is to create integrated teams to execute projects that encompass seismic program management, exploration play assessment, field development planning, reservoir management, production analysis, economic evaluation, and corporate asset portfolio optimization. To achieve this, we’ve assembled a global, world-class team of technical specialists with extensive experience in oil and gas field development, geosciences, engineering, and operations.


Our multidisciplinary team can handle all facets of Geological & Petrophysical projects:


  • Structural and stratigraphic interpretation
  • Facies analysis and mapping
  • Cross-discipline, integrated interpretation
  • Data collection, validation & correlation
  • Remote sensing interpretation
  • Biostratigraphic services
  • Geochemical studies


  • Logging program design
  • Integrated formation evaluation (vertical and horizontal wells)
  • Probabilistic lithology and porosity modeling
  • Unconventional reservoir petrophysical modeling
  • Robust multi-well modeling
  • Fractured reservoir description and quantification
  • Capillary pressure and J-function fluid saturation modeling
  • Core analysis
  • Production log evaluation
  • Data services (digitizing, editing, conversion, normalization, archival)


  • 3D integrated reservoir characterization and modeling
  • Structural and stratigraphic framework
  • 3D reservoir visualization
  • Wellbore placement and reservoir exploitation modeling
  • Integration with reservoir simulation


  • Corporate and project database design and implementation
  • Data collection, validation and QC
  • 3D reservoir visualization
  • Geological, geophysical, petrophysical and engineering data types
  • Integration of multiple data sources
  • Historical and current databases
  • Experience with all major data models and standards

Reservoir Engineering

Blade has conducted fit for purpose studies ranging from single-well (or sector) simulations for valuation and forecasting performance to preliminary field appraisal and development. We integrate reservoir management with financial performance using novel mathematical techniques to make optimal decisions that enhance asset value over their life cycle.

Our reservoir engineering services include:

  • Fluid characterization
  • Special core analysis
  • Well test planning, on-site monitoring and interpretation
  • Well nodal analysis
  • Horizontal and multi-lateral well studies
  • Rich and lean gas detailed compositional analysis
  • Gas injection into volatile oil detailed analysis
  • Hydrocarbon resource and reserve estimation
  • Single well analytical models for special studies
  • Rate transient analysis (RTA)

Production Technology

Completions engineering and design, field surveillance and production optimization augment our geophysical and reservoir engineering services.


  • Formation damage assessment and mitigation
  • Sand production risk assessment
  • Sand control design and implementation
  • Wellbore stability
  • Perforation optimization
  • Biostratigraphic services
  • Optimal well design
  • Analytical models to predict damage during drilling
  • Integration of theoretical, experimental and field data analyses to provide the optimum completion design to maximize asset value


  • Organize, process and quality-check field database
  • Construct integrated production models to analyze reservoir, well, and pipeline networks
  • Develop understanding of reservoir, well and system dynamics
  • Anticipate unlikely events and develop appropriate responses to eliminate unplanned reactions
  • Provide value-based recommendations for implementation


  • Gas lift design and operation
  • Gas compressor studies
  • Historical production data analysis
  • System de-bottlenecking
  • Manage production decline
  • Manage gas/water breakthrough
  • Model and recommend production system design
    and operations to maximize value

Field Development

We strive to significantly enhance asset value by optimizing the technical decisions that drive financial performance. Blade’s technology and experience can determine the best economic performance at several hierarchical levels of a company’s spectrum of activity.


  • Maximize economic value by simultaneous consideration of multiple development plans
  • Evaluate technical, operational, and financial constraints
  • Assess uncertainties in field, economic and marketing parameters
  • Determine optimal sequence for installation of facilities, drilling schedule, production profiles and key economic metrics, including NPV, ROR
  • Honor production sharing contracts, taxation and royalties


  • Proprietary, discrete and non-linear optimization algorithms
  • Implicitly construct and consider all possible scenarios
  • Incorporate results from reservoir simulation and facility models
  • Flexible, user friendly menus to model oil and gas assets
    NEOS Optimization Tree