Managed Pressure Drilling Design & Operations

Nov 19, 2018

In ​this ​5-day ​course, ​we ​explain ​current ​MPD ​methods, ​discussing ​the ​advantages ​and ​disadvantages ​of ​each ​approach ​to ​determine ​which ​is ​most ​suitable ​for ​a ​particular ​well ​section. ​You ​will ​learn ​how ​to ​determine ​a ​well ​section’s ​“anchor ​point” ​and ​then ​to ​select ​the ​appropriate ​fluid ​system, ​set ​operating ​boundaries, ​specify ​the ​correct ​equipment, ​and ​prepare ​the ​drilling ​program. ​We ​will ​also ​discuss ​project ​economics ​and ​analyze ​numerous ​case ​studies. ​By ​the ​end ​of ​the ​course, ​you ​will ​be ​able ​to ​understand ​and ​apply ​screening ​criteria ​for ​MPD ​candidate ​selection, ​design ​principles ​for ​MPD ​wells, ​and ​the ​basic ​principles ​of ​operating ​an ​MPD ​well.

July 29 – August 02, 2019, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (Malaysia, Singapore Time)
Venue to be determined
Kuala Lumpur, 5000
Malaysia , Register

October 21-25, 2019, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (Central Time)
16285 Park Ten Place Suite 600
Houston, Texas 77084
United States
281-206-2000, Register

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